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Available now in print, E-book and Audio. Visit Amazon, Apple Books and other online retailers or your local bookstore and library. The Butterfly Promise is a memoir that explores life’s themes: grief, love, family, spirituality, pet love and loss. Click below to buy or read reviews. Learn more on the Memoir page at the top or click below. Audiobook narrated by me.

Physical Wellness

What’s the key to staying active?

Find something you like to do that gets you off the couch and away from the computer then working out doesn’t feel like work. I love bike riding; it’s a chance to be outdoors, explore and breathe fresh air. Do whatever brings you joy. What did you like when you were a kid? ….Do that!

Emotional Wellness

The search for JOY…

Joy can be found in many places. I love to write, travel, eat good food and be anywhere near water to boat, paddle and swim.

Lakes, oceans, rivers and parks are calling our names. It’s a great time to be in nature – de-stress. The effect happens almost immediately and has lasting benefits.


“Writing helps me seek the truth about myself, my passions and the world.”


Shared knowledge

Here are a few blog posts. I learned something from writing them and hope to share that knowledge with you. Always follow the advice of your healthcare professional foremost.

  • Mushrooms for Our Health
    The scientific study of mushrooms is mycology. If you are a mushroom enthusiast then you are a mycophile. My interest stems from the healthy benefits I get when eating orContinue reading “Mushrooms for Our Health”
  • Trending: Do Mushrooms Have Healing Abilities?
    Do these tiny little fungi possess powers we are only just discovering? Collectively they contain powerful, healthy nutrients which benefit our bodies and also this Earth.
  • 5 Lifestyle Detox Strategies
    Our health is everything. Achieving health is multi dimensional. I’ve learned this over the years through experience, education and experimentation.
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