How Positivity Can Affect Your Health

Outlook on life is an important part of being healthy and happy. Research shows a positive outlook is beneficial. That combined with healthy choices can have a positive impact on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Try to implement these in daily life.

Change your thoughts – As a negative or fearful thought arises, flip it to a more positive one. For example, “I hate to fly, I’m afraid the plane will crash” can be a crippling thought. Replace that with, “air travel is among the safest ways to travel. I am so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to fly and see…”

Be less critical of others – “Wow, she put on a lot of weight” is a negative thought about another person and puts bad energy into the world. Instead find something positive about another person and offer a compliment, “Wow that blue sweater is really beautiful on you.”

Stop gossiping– Gossip can be malicious and full of lies. Just skip it and talk about the latest movie, recipe or what’s going on in the world, a truly important conversation.

Legitimize your news–24/7 news can be stressful. Much of it is opinion based arguments about a topic to fill time instead of just facts. Small doses from reliable sources like newspapers, apps or the half hour nightly news is all you need to stay informed.

Limit time with negative people –A negative co-worker, friend or family can be a challenge to totally avoid so spend time in small doses. Connect with people who are positive and uplifting.

Practice meditation and yoga– Both can teach patience and tolerance. What you learn “on the mat” can lead to what you do and how you handle stress “off the mat.”

Exercise– Burning off steam and toning your body for every stage in life is beneficial in and out. Cardio and weight lifting 3-4 times per week has health benefits both physically and mentally. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain making you feel vibrant and gives you a natural high.

Drink tea daily– A daily tea ritual can bring comfort and health benefits. Both green and black teas have lower caffeine than most coffees plus loads of antioxidants. Green tea contains L-theanine which calms the mind and improves cognition.

Gratitude– Science and research has shown people who are grateful get through stressful circumstances better than those who do not practice the art of being grateful. Take a few minutes per day and count the blessings you do have, even if they are small. You can either think about them or write them down.

Choose food wisely – Food can definitely impact how we feel about ourselves and our world. Eating too much ice cream and then beating ourselves up after can have negative effects on our mood if we do it often. Avoid preservatives, colorings and high fructose corn syrup.Choose local organic produce which are not sprayed with pesticides, linked to carcinogens. Avoid factory raised meats and dairy. Everyone is entitled to a happy life, including animals. Making positive choices to impact your health will have positive results on brain chemistry.

Take the right supplements– While eating healthy provides the best fuel and nutrients for your body, supplementing can be helpful with the right choices. Omega-3 fish oil and vitamin D are among my daily favorites and can have beneficial impact on the brain.

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