Is Kombucha Good for You?

I won’t lie, for some, Kombucha is an acquired taste. It has a slightly tangy taste, similar to Apple Cider Vinegar. But most people start drinking it for the health benefits rather than pure enjoyment. After a while, you’ll actually like the taste and it does have many flavors to choose from as well.

What is it? Kombucha is fermented black or green tea. It’s made from steeped tea leaves mixed with sugar and then culture or SCOBY is added. The tea is covered and left to ferment for up to two weeks. The result is fermented fizzy liquid. Commercial brands are usually mixed with natural flavors like lemon, ginger, berry, mango and other fruits then bottled and sold in refrigerated beverage sections in stores.

What are the health benefits? Kombucha contains B vitamins and probiotics. Probiotics are known in health circles to aid in digestion and inflammation. There is also the same health benefit as drinking regular tea; both contain polyphenols which have powerful antioxidant benefits. Kombucha made with green tea is especially beneficial because green tea is associated with L-theanine which promotes relaxation and focus, both great during stress.

Choices! There are many brands to choose from. Coastal Craft (pictured above) is a NY brand that has great flavors, really cute packaging and is made in small batches. GT’s is a popular brand with dozens of flavors and available in many stores throughout the country.

It took me a few tries but once I found the flavors I liked, I became a regular Kombucha drinker and think it’s a great alternative to other drinks with no healthy benefits.

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