5 Lifestyle Detox Strategies

Our health is everything. Achieving health is multi dimensional. I’ve learned this over the years through experience, education and experimentation. It shouldn’t be a 1,000 piece puzzle scattered on the table with no visible starting point leaving you feeling bewildered. That’s why I wanted to share this valuable information so we can open the puzzle box and slide them together with intention for optimal wellness. When you are well, you are happy and the puzzle pieces will fit together as they should.

Here are 5 strategies you can do now…

Optimize Your Liver – Your liver weighs about three pounds but it does a lot of heavy lifting. Its main job is to filter the blood from your digestive tract before it goes through the rest of your body. That means it’s filtering all you ingest. You can make its job easier by eating food that is more wholesome, more natural, preservative and chemical free. Garlic, greens, fruit and beets are good choices for clean eating. Drug and alcohol consumption have a negative effect of your liver and continued abuse can lead to fatty liver disease among other conditions, some irreversible. There are some great supplements on the market that support the liver with key ingredients such as asparagus, glutathione, alpha lipoid acid, garlic, NAC and milk thistle. Your local health food store is an excellent resource for help plus you are buying local – win/win. Find one here. A blood test from your healthcare professional will reveal how your liver is functioning.

A Healthy Yard – The chemicals we use in our outdoor space can have harmful effects on us and the planet. While we can’t control what companies use, we can protest chemicals and boycott their use with our wallets. What we can control is what we use in our own spaces. No one likes weeds but the toxic sprays that exist are literally overkill. A little dish washing soap in a spray bottle with water does the same thing. Also yanking them out the old fashioned way is good exercise. Most weed killers contain harmful chemicals that our pets ingest, as well as birds, insects and our little reptile friends. The worms and other bugs ingest the toxins and the birds eat the bugs and so on. It’s the cycle of life we need to protect. There are environmentally friendly products on the market now. Germany, Austria and Mexico have already banned glyphosate, an unfortunately popular weed killer used in farming and consumer products. Let’s think about the long term effects of these harmful chemicals on the planet and make better, healthier choices. Jama recently published a study that found lower cancer risk in people who ate a lot of organic food which are not sprayed with harmful toxins. Check out the article on EWG for additional info.

Healthy Digs – Health is comprehensive. Incorporating multiple strategies will create more wellness. Plant based cleaners for home are amazing and I have been using them for years. They clean, disinfect and smell good while doing it; fragranced with essential oils lavender, geranium and citrus. Plus the ingredients are safer for the planet, create better air quality within your home and are safe for pets and children. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, are free from phosphates, ammonia, DEA, dioxane, triclosan and chlorine. Think about all the chemicals that go down the drain when we clean and the residue they leave on floors and surfaces. What not use chemical free ones and breathe easier? I like Ecos, a family owned brand since 1967.

Mindfulness – Detox our brains from stress, negativity, anxiety, past trauma and future worries? Is it possible? Yes is the short answer. Problems won’t go away but how we deal with them can help us in our well being journey. A few minutes a day can create a more harmonious self, feelings of peace and increase happiness. According to studies on meditation, people who meditate for a few minutes a day feel happier and more peaceful. It’s emotional detox. If you’re convinced and need a starting point, there is a great Netflix series by Headspace that guides you through different meditations for achieving certain goals like awareness, anxiety and better sleep. Visit their website to learn more or get the app. Need more info before you delve in, visit the Mayo Clinic page on meditation. There are a variety of meditation techniques and it is a skill; practice yields optimal results and you will get better at it over time. Give it a try before you read on. Take 5 breaths now, in through the nose and out through the mouth, eyes closed, sitting.

C’mon let’s sweat – …Like the 1990 song says. Perspiration is a great body detox. When we sweat we expel toxins. You can do this a few ways. Exercise is one of the best ways because it has multiple benefits; cardio for your heart, weight bearing for body strength and bone density, agility, balance and endurance. Plus working out with others has social benefits which, according to blue zone studies, help achieve longevity. Add in some yoga and you get a side of mindfulness too. The other way to sweat is in a sauna. Infrared saunas use light to generate heat and raise the body’s core temperature. Many gyms and wellness spas have them or you buy a small one for your home. They even have infrared blankets now as a less expensive option.

These are a few wellness choices to get started. Enjoy the journey and start putting the puzzle pieces together for a beautiful result.

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

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