“Writing teaches me a lot about myself, my passions and the world.”

I’ve always loved to write. When I was little I used to put on plays and create homemade Playbills. Now writing gives me the opportunity to discover knowledge, look inward and empower myself. I’ve worked in sales and marketing in the natural and organic space for over twenty years, cultivating my passion for better food, overall wellness and a chance to better the environment with the choices I make. I wrote as a wellness contributor for a local NY paper for 5 years writing about topics like natural beauty, vitamins, safer plant based cleaners, pesticides, farmers markets and more.

I’ve also taught fitness classes for twenty years. I love to connect with people and motivate them to be their best. When it comes to gym equipment and fitness trends, I’ve tried it all. The most important thing is to get moving every day and do something you enjoy. If it’s fun, it doesn’t seem like work. I also love warm yoga classes, mainly because I always feel like a twisted up pretzel so yoga helps!

I love to travel, cook, bake and feel the wind in my hair as I ride one of my bikes. I’m kind of obsessed.

Animals are my favorite 😉 Especially all felines, dolphins and elephants. I went to Thailand because I wanted to go to an elephant sanctuary and take care of one for the day. Best day ever!

I published my first book in August 2020. The Butterfly Promise is a memoir about life, grief and the journey to believe in everlasting love. It’s filled with honesty and love. Find out more on the Memoir page.

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