Listen to a sample of The Butterfly Promise below

Snippet from Chapter One – The Promise

The Butterfly Promise

Audiobook Available

Have you listened to any audiobook yet? Listeners love to hear how the author’s words were intended to be read -every tear, every laugh, every nuance. It was one of the most intense and rewarding experiences to record my memoir. To relive the experience through the writing and the narration was so emotional. I’m so proud to share it with audiobooks listeners. Listen to a sample of The Butterfly Promise above. Available on Audible, Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Libro and wherever audiobooks are sold. Watch a video clip of narration rehearsal below.

Narration Rehearsal

Audiobook Rehearsal

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Victor Bevine, an amazing best selling narrator who helped guide me.

Engineered by Tovi Rodriguez in NY

Edited and mastered by Naava Feingold – SoundsGold

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