Help the Endangered Monarch Butterfly

It’s official. The Monarch Butterfly is on the endangered species list. There was once billions, now it is millions. And although that sounds like a lot, it’s not. The continued downward trend of their population makes this an urgent post. Along with Monarchs, other butterflies and bees are disappearing too. What a colorless sky weContinue reading “Help the Endangered Monarch Butterfly”

Holiday Gifts to Inspire

Giving a gift that will make the world a better place this holiday season will make your heart smile. Inspirational gifts are thoughtful, kind, cherished and can be sustainable. Most recently in 2020, the volume of scrap plastic exported by the U.S. amounted to¬†1.37 billion pounds. This is a drop since 2018 but wow it’sContinue reading “Holiday Gifts to Inspire”