the butterfly promise snaps

Whenever I read a non-fiction book, I love to see who’s who.

Here are some photos to pair up with people and stories in

the butterfly promise.

Me & Gram

Gram rocking me in her rocking chair. Such a cliche but I have this special memory in my heart and in this snap and it’s one of my earliest memories. Happy.

The Chicas

When I met Joe’s family for the first time, I was dressed as a lady pirate and squirting blue shots into people’s mouths with a super soaker gun. Hmm, nice first impression?

Butterfly Promise

In the book, I tell some travel stories. This one is in the bamboo forest in Hana, HI. It was Gram’s bday that day. It was an amazing experience twofold – because of nature’s beauty & because of this guy with the caterpillar…no spoilers here.

Gram circa 1932

Gram is 4th from the left. Her cousin and mom are the first two from left. The other ladies are neighbors in Queens, NY. Her family left Greenwich Village to live a quieter life. Back then Queens was suburbia.

My parents in their 20’s

My parents circa 1960. They met at a dance in Queens. My dad drove a convertible Pontiac with leopard seats.

Most Spiritual Award at age 96

Gram was well loved in the nursing home. But more than that, she helped others there including the nurses and administrative staff. She lived and loved abundantly-always with a sense of purpose.

Gram grew up dancing

Gram, right, was born during the Progressive Era in NYC. Her life was filled with art and dance at an early age. She performed in shows around the city.

My wedding day

I picked this dress out for her from TJ Maxx and it fit! She told me numerous times, “I want to be buried in that dress. I love it and want to wear it forever.”

The calm before the storm

In the first chapter I revealed that I had a near death experience in Lake George, NY. This pic is about an hour before that occurred.

Gram and Ben reunited after all those years

Their paths rarely crossed after their split. They had no choice here because it was my HS graduation party. Maybe I forced them into this pic

Where is her spirit now? The energy never dies….

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