Holiday Gifts to Inspire

Giving a gift that will make the world a better place this holiday season will make your heart smile. Inspirational gifts are thoughtful, kind, cherished and can be sustainable. Most recently in 2020, the volume of scrap plastic exported by the U.S. amounted to 1.37 billion pounds. This is a drop since 2018 but wow it’s still a ginormous amount. Supporting our planet as your intention in your gift giving will spark change and joy. It can be a valuable resource for the receiver who may be exposed to a new idea through you. Here are some ideas to add to your gift giving list this year that you and your peeps can feel good about. You can also use these ideas when someone asks what you would like from them. Don’t be shy; shout it out from the rooftops why you are asking for an inspirational gift and inspire a chain reaction.

Wellness Gifts – Many are on a path to optimal wellness and would be happy to receive an inspired gift for that journey. A massage, facial or Reiki session gives someone the gift of wellness, self care and a time out from chores. A trial or full gym or yoga membership, depending on your budget, is the wellness gift that inspires change and gives all year long. A trial or full subscription to a prepared food delivery service is a great gift for a working person or a guided gift to eat better. Ask for a gift card to Misfits Market, an online food delivery service whose main goal is to eliminate food waste in the US by selling organic and local food at a fraction of the price because it may be “imperfect.” How about something fun like an hour with a pet communicator or psychic? Dance lessons at a local dance studio for a couple you know and love? Or for you?

Artistic Gifts with Little to Zero Waste – Gift an iTunes gift card for downloading music, movies or a new and exciting audiobook. A journal made with recycled paper or FSC certified paper which comes from properly managed forests which provide environmental, economic and social benefits. Journaling can be used to write down memories, daily affirmations or used as a gratitude vehicle to create more joy and manifest positivity. You can use that, so can so and so. A gift certificate for a local artist so you or they can buy a sculpture, painting or print. A gift card to the local movies or for a streaming service for at home entertainment.

For the Beauty Lover – There are so many clean beauty options offering sustainable packaging and healthier ingredients. My faves are John Masters Organics, Eco-Lips, Ilia, Coco Kind, Weleda, Colorganics, Goop, Well People, Dr. Hauschka and Mineral Fusion for hair, beauty and make-up options. Many are available at Whole Foods, local health food stores or online at Credo Beauty and The Detox Market.

For Food Lovers – A gift card to a local restaurant is a doubly good gift because the receiver will have a full tummy but you will also be helping a local restaurant and community where you or they live. How about a home cooked meal? You can say, “For your gift I’d like to make you a wonderful dinner or have you over for takeout and just spend time together!” Then shop local for the meal.

For Nature Lovers – Giving a plant that the receiver can plant in spring is giving back to nature in a way that feels special. You can buy it from the local nursery and deliver it in person with a hug. You can also plant a tree in someone’s honor. There are a few services recommended by the US Dept of Agriculture. If you love and recognize how important the Rainforest is then the Rainforest Trust is a thoughtful option. They received a nearly perfect score on did too and it’s perfect for an ocean and sea life lover. Check them out and other charities where your gift will be valued and used appropriately.

For the Fashion Lover – Ok, there are some exciting companies out there making awesome and beautiful sustainable shoes out of recycled materials. Shoes made from water bottles, wool, algae waste, sugar cane, hemp and recycled car seat leather are among the materials utilized and saved from the garbage pile. A few are using waterless dyeing techniques too. Some brands to check out are: Munjoi, Rothy’s, All Birds and Saola. Most sell men and womens shoes at a variety of price points and offer gift cards. Looking for beautiful totes, purses and backpacks? Check out for vegan, cruelty free and recycled bags that are stylish, affordable and eco-friendly.

For Vegetarians/Vegans – Try to find vegan restaurants and stores near them. Most of the above options work too since many companies use plant based materials and ingredients. You can find more info on their sites. Check out for vegan food delivery. Or a digital magazine subscription to a vegan magazine like

I hope these options will inspire beautiful and thoughtful gift giving for those that are special in your life. Happy Holidays!

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